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It all started when…

Shortly after we started dating, Jeff suggested that we write down one thing we were grateful for every day. It only took a few seconds each morning, but we noticed something after just a couple of weeks. We both had an INCREDIBLE shift in our mindsets. Our brains started thinking about the upside and positive of every situation instead of defaulting to the negative. From that, a remarkable ripple effect of amazing changes in our lives began.  We were happier, kinder, and more patient. All because we took a few seconds each day to appreciate something ... even something small.  


Jeff and I became such believers in gratitude that we designed gratitude journals as gifts for all of our wedding guests. They were a huge hit and seeing their enthusiasm over the journals made us decide to build a movement to introduce gratitude into the lives of everyone we meet.  As an experiment, we took the extra gratitude journals from our wedding and made them available to purchase. They sold out immediately. We then reprinted a batch and those sold out as well. Since then, we’ve sold daily gratitude journals every year, designating a percentage of profits to charity.


The success of the daily gratitude journals sparked a passion in both of us, and for over two years we would occasionally brainstorm our mission: tell the world about the power of gratitude. Unfortunately, with Jeff’s radio show and Callie’s two careers, there just wasn’t enough time to give it the attention it needed. We did, however, use our respective platforms to share our own experiences as a way to encourage and support others through theirs.   

And then,

the universe handed us our opportunity.  

In May, Jeff was fired. While it was disappointing, we both knew immediately there WAS something to be grateful for. We knew there was an upside to this huge change in our lives. We had just been given the gift of time to start the movement we’d been dreaming of. We could now infect the world with gratitude and make finding the positive in every situation, for every person, a reality. And what a perfect springboard... finding the upside in a sudden job loss and turning it into a life-altering opportunity.


So here we are. Our upside is now THE Upside and it’s not only a brand, The Upside is a group of people doing their best to make the world and themselves better every single day. It’s a community of people who realize that no matter what life throws their way, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  That progress, not perfection, is the goal.   


We aren’t extraordinary people with some sort of higher power. We’re two people fortunate enough to have found gratitude and the platform to shout it louder. We’ve learned how to find the upside in every situation and it makes us happier, better humans. We believe life is too short to be any other way and we want that for everyone.  


The reality is Jeff and I are both negative people by nature, but we’ve used daily gratitude to completely transform our mindset and our outlook on life. We’re not going to tell you that life is sunshine and rainbows. In fact, I’m not afraid to say that sometimes life sucks, but there is ALWAYS an upside to every situation and we’re going to find that upside together.


The Upside podcast and weekly newsletter launches August 8, shortly followed by a positivity-inspired line of merchandise and after that, events. Our podcast is meant to start your day on the right foot. In the theme of spreading good energy, we’ll send subscribers a weekly email with a few of our favorite things that just make us feel good. They will both combine laughter with conversation about pop culture, current events and real life ups and downs.  Our favorite part? We don’t have bosses who dictate content or force us to stick to a show schedule. This is truly a show we can build around the community, with no constraints. We get to build this movement together!  You’ve been asking for it and here it is...

Welcome to The Upside!